Residential Services

Craig Walker Heat & Air boasts 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. We specialize in residential HVAC, including the following services:

servicesAir Conditioner Troubleshooting & Repair

Air conditioning units, particularly older units, can leak coolant. This coolant leak can cause the system to become more inefficient at cooling your home, particularly as the temperatures rise into the 90s. If you notice your air conditioner runs constantly but doesn't seem to cool your home, contact Craig Walker Heat & Air to do a simple coolant test and recommend solutions, such as "recharging" the system. These types of repairs are best left to licensed repair technicians with the proper tools and experience.

Heating and Furnace Checks

Gas or electric heating units and furnaces should be checked each year before activating the system to be sure they are running safely and effectively. Because they have likely been dormant for several months, it is important to be sure all the connections and functions are working to avoid potential fire hazards or fuel waste. Craig Walker Heat & Air can perform furnace safety checks and recommend any potential service work to keep your heating system working its best over the cold winter months.

System Replacement

The typical lifespan of a central air system is approximately 15-20 years. Technology has come a long way in that time, and Craig Walker Heat & Air can give you a free estimate on the replacement costs for your HVAC system. Because we service most brands, Craig Walker Heat & Air can share recommendations for a system that will best meet your heating and cooling needs.

System Additions

Are you adding on to your house, or want to convert unheated square footage into living space in your home? Call Craig Walker Heat & Air to help connect these new areas to your HVAC system. We are experts at determining whether your addition will be too much for your existing system and recommend what our experienced technicians suggest to get your home addition heated and cooled efficiently.

Commercial Services

Craig Walker Heat & Air boasts 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Because of the special needs of businesses and warehouse space, we offer commercial HVAC services customized to your business' specific requirements:

  • Warehouse climate control
  • Computer and electronics climate control
  • Retail and restaurant applications
  • System repair and replacement

Trane comfort specialist

Authorized Trane Comfort Specialist

Craig Walker Heat & Air is an authorized Trane technician. We can service your existing Trane system, or replace your old system with a high quality Trane system.